A flooring project starts with defining the material to use.


To invest in a product that will last and give you durability and strength, you should use Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Travertine, or other similar options.


There are a wide variety of options available in the market, but the ones that will give you a good, lasting resistance, and a cost effective price, are the ones specified as for Light Commercial use.


We’ve been using different patterns including the Wood Look tile that, after being installed, gives the perfect image of a real wood floor without the risk of damage that the real wood floor may represent for the homeowner.

Spencer 327

On installation day, working on an existing house flooring replacement, we need to remove baseboards, and label them by area to be able to bring them back to the same place. We remove any existing floor, scrape the surface because we don’t want residue creating a barrier for the thinset to bond to the concrete, and look for any cracks and address them with a proper crack adhesive and membrane.


For the installation, use a modified thin set if the pieces are more than 18″ x 18″ in size to make sure the floor will be even.

Sara bathroom 047

For the grout, a medium sand stain proof product gives a long lasting experience.


The installation strategy should include minimize the grout lines on the project to make it look clean and continued.


The grout should be applied the day after tile is laid to let the thinset to dry.


In most cases, the baseboard can be installed 6 hours after the grout is applied. The label and specs on the grout bag or product information from the manufacturer will give the details necessary.


Flooring is also important outdoors and on porches! High traffic area with lots of dirt so the type of flooring is very important here.


Flooring is an important decision as it is not one you will want to change often. Think of the traffic in your room, the look you want, and maintenance level you can keep.


We have experience in all kinds of flooring and take care to make sure every detail is covered to give a long lasting flooring to your room.

Contact us with any questions about flooring options for your home.


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