Outdoor Kitchen Living

Especially here in Florida, even in the heat of summer, we spend a lot of time cooking and eating and being outdoors.

People dream of an outdoor kitchen or grill area, and All Time can help make it a reality!

We are now dealers of the amazing Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens‘ custom outdoor cabinets.



The cabinets are weatherproof and have limited lifetime warranty. Store small items such as propane tanks, trash cans, or tools, or create a whole large kitchen setup!


The cabinets are perfect for our Florida climate, withstanding temperatures ranging from -100F to 200F, and standing up to rain and salty air.


Contact us and we can show you all of the potential customization for base cabinets and wall cabinets, with many varieties of doors and colors available.


The cabinets will endure the effects of sun, rain, snow, sleet, salty air, and more!


Atlantis cabinets are constructed using the European styled full access method.



Tops, bottoms, and sides are made of 3/4″ Perma Tek (a polymer based material), that will withstand well the extreme temperatures.



The cabinets are joined together using the latest construction technology, providing maximum strength.


Contact us and let us show you all of your amazing options in customizing your outdoor kitchen area!



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